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Trigger Points are located throughout your body, and for the most part go unnoticed. When a muscle is injured or you are undergoing stress of any type, they can begin to "act up." The bodies response to the trauma if the creation of what amounts to a knot in the muscle, which results in inflammation and pain.

When you pinch a nerve, or a bone or spinal disk presses on a nerve, the muscles that exist along the nerve pathway will activate trigger points, even where no injury exists. This is referred to as referral pain. It is the job of the trigger point therapist to determine where the injury or trauma originated and treat the root of the problem so that the injury (and any referral pain) can be healed.

The trigger point therapy involves applying pressure to the trigger point for several seconds or longer to break up any adhesions or scar tissue that resulted from the knotted up muscle fibers. After those fibers are sufficiently "broken up" the muscle will return to its natural state and healing can begin.

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