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You understand the body and how chiropractic care and nutrition works. Your grasp of various techniques such as massage and graston therapy indicates you know how to bring alive blood cells and tissue.   You are willing to learn, educate and apply your vast knowledge.  A complete doctor with lots of information.  
- Gloria P.

I started seeing Dr. Kathy about three years ago.  Actually, I was quite skeptical about going to a chiropractor but figured, what the heck, nothing else has helped so I'll go.  I came there with various problems, the worst of which was severe pain in my shoulders and neck, pain and limitation in both knees, and some lower back pain.  I had injured myself as a teenager which was when the lower pack problem began.  So, fast forward 58 years, there I was on Dr. Kathy's treatment table.  Long story short, within a day or so I began to notice a definite lessening of the pain.  So I returned about a week later and the improvement was even better.  Now, I see Dr. Kathy on a regular basis and feel like a new (and much younger) woman.  We have a 13 step staircase in our home which I have to climb several times a day and I can do that with no pain and a definite "pep in my step."  Thank you Dr. Kathy.
- Judi T.

I'm originally from the Northeast where I always received topnotch healthcare.  So when I married my childhood sweetheart whom I hadn't seen in about 55 years, I moved to Georgia.  Since I'm very into healthy eating, exercise, and natural health resources, I was very concerned and worried about finding healthcare that could even come close to what I was used to up north.  Well, through a friend of mine, I was given Dr. Kathy's name.  I have problems with my back and hips, neck, and legs (I'm a former runner), Dr. Kathy gave me low impact adjustments and also used Gua Sha massage which turned out to be the perfect solution for treating my issues.  I had never heard of that before but it definitely works!  Looking back I realize that the healthcare I receive here in Georgia is even superior to the healthcare back up north.  I'd recommend a visit to Dr. Kathy so you can see for yourself.
- Howie T.

I have been a patient of Dr. Moncreiff since September 2013. During this time period, she has enhanced the quality of my life many, many fold.  I have severe lower back issues as well as scoliosis and I am now most often without pain because of her caring, knowledgeable and skillful addressing of my conditions.   At this point, I feel the pain reoccurs because of stressful situations in my personal life at this particular time. I cannot say enough about her abilities and the gratitude I feel having come to be a patient of hers.  In my opinion, she is 'TOPS' in her field.

Dr. Kathy Moncreiff is the best! I went to her for chronic neck and shoulder pain and she worked her magic on me. I had been in pain for years and over the course of a couple of months she really made things better for me. I would highly recommend her, she is professional, knowledgeable, and made herself very available for me. Thank you so much! 
-Devorah S.

Dr. Kathy is wonderful! I went to her with extremely bad back pain, as well as pain radiating down the right side of my leg.  She came highly recommended by a close friend and after my first Gua Sha session, I began to feel noticeably better the next day.  A few adjustments and several more Gua Sha sessions later, I am pain free.  Before seeing Kathy my back pain was so bad I would actually feel nauseous at times.  I had been to one other chiropractor as well as to an orthopedic, and didn't receive any type of therapy or medication from them that helped alleviate my pain.  I was amazed at how quickly Dr. Kathy's techniques helped me when so many other's had failed.  If you want to live a healthy, pain free life, I highly recommend Dr. Kathy! 
-Wendy A.

It is my pleasure to recommend my fabulous chiropractor Dr. Kathleen Moncreiff to those experiencing back pain. I suffer from back spasms and often go limping into Health Source, but I walk outstanding straight. She really took the time to understand my problems in general misalignments. Whether an accident or injury caused your pain or you don't know the source of your pain, Dr. Kathy will work with you to determine the right treatment plan. With knowledge and skill, she will apply the kind of care that is appropriate and specific to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. Since I was a small child my family has always sought out chiropractic care to relieve the aches and pains of life's daily wear and tear.  While we have a plethora of chiropractors in Atlanta due to Life University's College of chiropractic I've found Dr. Moncreiff and Health Source team to be the best.  Dr. Moncreiff is also very personable gets to know you and clearly cares about her patients well-being.  I can confidently say Dr. Kathy is an excellent chiropractor and an even better person.
-Elvira Ptacek