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Beautiful Bones Chiropractic uses a variety of diagnostic tools to help diagnose problems and arrive at a treatment approach. X-Rays are extremely effective at diagnosing bone and joint injuries , dislocations and subluxations. Not every patient requires x-rays for diagnosis, but if diagnostic tests reveal evidence of nerve irritation or compression X-Rays can be an important tool in determing the proper course of action. If X-Rays are not traken and a patient has gegenerative joints, a diseased spine, or several other clinical diseases, standard chiropractic adjustments may not be advised.

Dr. Kathy Moncreiff has years of experience determining when X-Rays are appropriate, and the expertise to read them accurately. Contact Beautiful Bones Chiropractic today at 404-538-2769 to find out about this and other treatment options and to make an appointment. You can also fill out our convenient online form to schedule a consultation.

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