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Physical therapy can be an important treatment modality for everything from sprains, to back issues, joint issues, sports related injuries,or even acute and chronic pain. A good physical therapist is skilled at treating a large range of physical problems including neck and back pain, disc problems, sciatica and other specific comlaints of pain.

At the initial evaluation, your medical history is reviewed along with your lifestyle to prescribe a treatment approach that is best suited to not just your type of injury or pain, but your age and activity levels. A complete approach will be tailored specifically for your body and circumstances to provide the highest liklihood that your treatment plan will give you the results you desire. 

Relieving pain is important, but as an added benefit patients can expect to increase their strength, flexibility and range of motion, and in the process , learn to prevent future injuries.

You can count on Dr. Kathy Moncreiff to put together a treatment plan that includes the modalities that will work best for you. Contact her offices today at 404-538-2769 to make an appointment. You can also fill out our convenient online form to schedule a consultation.

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